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Angie garnishing Laksa

I was a lucky kid growing up in Malaysia, where food is amazing and everywhere. I was even luckier to have a dad who made it his mission to introduce us kids to a variety of foods. My grandmother and mother turned every meal into something special. My best childhood memories all revolve around food and family.

Straits Kitchen has become a natural extension of a lifelong passion. It is a combination of my dad's cultural heritage and my mom's recipes and teaching. It is bringing my home cooking to you.

The food at Straits Kitchen is primarily influenced by the Baba-Nyonya cooking found along the western coast of Malaysia, especially in the port cities of Malacca and Penang. The Baba-Nyonya (also known as Straits Chinese) culture started centuries ago when native Chinese came to this area and married local Malay women, starting a new heritage full of flavor and color. Their food is a blend of Malay and Chinese traditions. Our food starts with these traditions - some dishes are quite authentic, but many have a personal twist. We hope you enjoy it!

Super excited that The Oregonian gave us the #2 spot on their 2016 Best New Food Carts list and #7 on the overall 2016 15 Best Food Carts!

Thanks to Willamette Week for #3 in their 2016 Cheap Eats Carts of the Year!

Roti Babi pulled pork sandwich Inche Kabin chicken bites Beef Rendang Sambal Tumis Udang shrimp in sambal Acar Salad
Jessica and Angie in cart Straits Kitchen cart Piknik Park sign

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Thursday-Saturday 11:30am-7:00pm

Sunday 11:30am-6:00pm

Monday-Tuesday 11:30am-7:00pm

Closed on Wednesday

Piknik Park Food Carts and Beer Garden

1122 SE Tacoma St, Portland, OR 97202

Right next to New Seasons

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